Tower Structures - (Kennett St, Kennett, MO 63857)

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2 mi
2 km
* High structures (typically over 200 ft in height)
* Medium structures (100 to 200 ft in height)
Future Tower
* Future site for registered tower

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Alert! 31 Towers (10 Registered,21 Not Registered) found within 4.00 miles of Kennett St, Kennett, MO 63857.
Info! The NEAREST Tower is .09 miles away and is owned by Kboa Inc.
Alert! One New Tower Application found within 4.00 miles of Kennett St, Kennett, MO 63857.
Tower TypeID NumSite OwnerHeightDist
Registered(1)City Of Kennett123 feet.09 miles
(2)Duke Broadcasting Corporation102 feet.47 miles
(3)New Cingular Wireless Pcs, Llc134 feet.49 miles
(4)Telecommunications Management, Llc404 feet.75 miles
(5)Baker Implement124 feet.93 miles
(6)Kboa Inc Dba = Kboa Am143 feet1.00 miles
(7)City Of Kennett50 feet1.27 miles
(8)Eagle Bluff Enterprises Dba = Kotc399 feet1.44 miles
(9)Crown Castle Gt Company Llc120 feet1.46 miles
(10)Sbc Tower Holdings Llc310 feet2.50 miles

Not Registered(1)Kboa Inc71 feet.09 miles
(2)Slicer Street Church Of Christ100 feet.18 miles
(3)James Lowry30 feet.28 miles
(4)Raben Tire Co., Inc75 feet.38 miles
(5)Blank80 feet.51 miles
(6)Mcmahon Auto Diesel75 feet.61 miles
(7)American Family Association160 feet.69 miles
(8)Blank147 feet.79 miles
(9)Blank118 feet.88 miles
(10)Bradshaw Funeral Home80 feet1.14 miles
(11)Burns & Mcdonnell Engineering40 feet1.16 miles
(12)Burns & Mcdonnell Engineering40 feet1.17 miles
(13)Blank171 feet1.20 miles
(14)City Of Kennett262 feet1.36 miles
(15)Quality Lawn Service25 feet1.52 miles
(16)Jim Marchbanks60 feet1.84 miles
(17)Baker Implement141 feet2.04 miles
(18)U S Department Of Energy155 feet2.24 miles
(19)Mo-ark Communications180 feet2.61 miles
(20)Bennie Cannon Farms179 feet2.77 miles
(21)Hemphill Gin Farms100 feet2.91 miles

Future(1)Kennett, City Of122 feet.26 miles